Easy Guitar Short-Cut Capo for Total Beginners

by Taura Eruera



Randall Williams from Jamplay.com introduces the partial capo (using a short-cut capo by Kyser) and talks about how it can make the life of a beginner easier and rewarding.

The short capo adds another dimension to beginner guitar lessons.

It allows you to maintain your current standard tuning (the one that all your friends have).

AND play scores and hundreds of songs with one finger.


Great For Time Pressured Guitar Beginners

I have a student who has just had to finish his guitar lessons through the pressure of work robbing him of his guitar practise time.

This would be a great solution for him because it would relieve him of the pressure to find time to train four fingers to do highly specialised small muscle group movements.

With the short cut capo he's relieved of that pressure.

Now he can use the short cut capo to use only one finger, create instant music and spend his few precious moments playing and relaxing away from his work responsibilities instead of building up frustration that standard fingering demands.

Then when his work demands cut back he can resume his standard guitar learning.

Great For Children

Randall makes the point that the short cut capo is good for children. I would definitely want to try this with children.

Alongside DADDAD and DAD#FAD guitar this would be a another easy guitar lessons tool that children would enjoy.

A Great Music Therapy Tool

The short-cut capo offers easy music therapy for people with arthritic restraints for example.

Where To Buy Your Short Cut Capo

As at July 2010, I have not been able to source the short cut capo locally.  They're not likely to import if the demand is not there. In the meantime, you can stay ahead of the local retailers and buy online though.

You could even buy a couple and keep a spare. Or buy three and sell one on Trade Me and help defray the freight costs.



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