Awesome Guitar Kids Little Big Band Concert 2017

This first gif shows the start of the concert. The bottom gif shows the end of the concert.

In between are links to videos of the other 24 performances for your enjoyment.


Click here to see any concert performance you want:

The Awesome Guitar Kids 2017

Welcome | The Big Band: the classic four; Twinkles, Mary, Brother John, Row Row | Luka: Happy Birthday, This Old Man |

Reuben: the classic four, I Gotta Feeling & Cool Kids | Sadie: Twinkles & Mary | Zoe: Twinkles & Brother John |

Suwat: London Bridge & Brother John | The Big Band: Happy Birthday, Mexican, Star Wars | Lucas: Rock Riffs |

Suwat: Jams the Blues | Sadie: Star Wars & Hedwigs Theme | Maia: Maia Romance, Pokarekare & Guitar Boogie |

Lily & Maia: Hall of the Mountain King | Lily: Teddy Bears Picnic | Alex: Ode To Joy | Alex: Johnny B Goode |

Alex & Pablo: Sunshine of Your Love | Alex & Pablo: You Really Got Me | Big Band: Star Wars | Big Band: Mexican |

Big Band: Happy Birthday | Big Band: Row Row | Big Band: Brother John | Big Band: Mary | Big Band: Twinkles Then Bows |

Sadie plays final Twinkles, then Nibbles In The Green Room |