First Songs For Guitar Kids

by Taura Eruera

When a child gets their guitar they look at their new acquisition with awe. "A guitar! Ooooh! Exciting!"

They will touch it.  Explore the shape of their guitar. Pick it up and run their hands over the shape of the body.

Run their fingers over the strings.  And over the length of the fingerboard.

They will pluck a string. And may be strum a couple.  And marvel at the sound that the strings make.

And wonder how they can play it.

And how they can play the songs they know on this wond'rous instrument.

Songs they learned from their parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties, kindergarten teachers, pre-school teachers, play school parents and from other people around them in their early childhood.

Songs that we know and love.

Songs called nursery rhymes.

And the First Songs for Guitar Kids collects many of those songs into one easy volume that your child can use.

Whether they study with me.

Or with any guitar teacher.

This book is available as a free download or you may purchase a had copy from here.

If you just want to give only one song at a time to your child, feel free to select any song from the menu at the right.


First Songs For Guitar Kids Book Cover

Guitar Geniuses started out as Guitar kids

One of the hallmarks of guitar talents is that they know their nursery rhymes.
Another hallmark of guitar naturals is that they seem to know how to play by ear.  
How did they develop their ear? Guess what? They learned nursery rhymes.  Mothers and grandmothers sang nursery rhyme songs to them. They learned by ear.  They sang by ear.
Nursery Rhymes teach children---and you---essential melody skills that equip them for a rich, musical life.
I remember one lesson in an arranging class with Dick Grove once.  He wondered why the class of experienced arrangers (from all over the planet) weren't getting a particular concept.  
He then go everybody to do an on the spot arrangement of "Happy Birthday".  What an eye opener that was.
Over the following week the class then went back to step one and did a quick review of all the nursery rhymes they knew.  In the process they solved a lot of problems.
I can't overstate the importance of nursery rhymes.
At any stage of your musical career.
But especially so at the beginning.
Whether that's at age six or sixty-six or anywhere in between.
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