Mary Had A Little Lamb

Song for Guitar Kids

by Taura Eruera

On this page your will learn to play Mary Had A Little Lamb on your guitar.

Firstly, to help you, you will have a webcam video of the song being played. See if you can tell which fret is being played for any given note.  This gives you practise at reading the fingerboard from the front (rather than from the back---which is your normal view)

you will have an audio track that plays the song slowly. This is slow so that you can hear it clearly (sing along with it). And so that you can play along with it.

you also have guitar tab that shows you where your fingers go. I suggest just using one finger to play with in the beginning. Like in the webcam video.

the lyrics are provide so that you can sing the song. Singing the song is important. Singing gets the music into your body and voice. Singing makes it easy for you to get the music out of your guitar.


 Download Mary Had A Little Lamb webcam wmv video from here

Audio for Song

Just click the start button to start this player.

Download Mary Had A Little Lamb mp3 from here


Lyric for Mary Had A Little Lamb

It's raining its pouring
The old man is snoring
He went to bed and bumped his head
And couldn't get up in the morning


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Tune Your Guitar
To play along with this track, you'll need to be tune your guitar. With this pictured tuner.

DADADD Guitar Tuner

You can download the Daddad Tuner from here.


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