Which Child's Guitar Should You Get?

by Taura Eruera

what guitar should your child get

So the fifth thing your guitar kid needs is a child's guitar, right?


But which kid guitar?

What size guitar?

For a primary school child, buy a half size or three quarter size.

In the banner picture at the top of this page, the guitar teacher is holding a half size guitar.

This is a good size children guitar.

The second worst thing you can do is buy a guitar that is too big for your child.

The worst thing you can do is take the advice of  a zealous retail guitar salesman and buy a full size guitar for a young child.

If there are none in stock when you are ready to start lessons, The Guitar Teacher can lend you one. 

Getting the correct guitar size is critical.

You can get independent advice for your child when you book a Be My Guest Lesson with the Guitar Teacher

You can try out all different guitar sizes with no pressure.

The retail guitar stores generally keep a good stock of 1/2 and 3/4 size guitars.

the different size guitars

Check out the Musicworks, Rock Shop and Music Planets stores as well as independents like
Cadenza Guitars, Bungalowbills, Piano Traders, KBB and Gorilla Guitars.

If they don't have 1/2 and 3/4 size guitars in stock then check out Trade Me Guitar Stores.

They generally have try first policies that you can easily check.

Nylon String or Steel String Guitar?

For acoustic, nylon string.


Nylon strings are easier on tender finger tips when playing chords or melodies.

They are easier on finger nails when strumming or picking.

And they have better string width for learning fretting or fingerpicking.

For some reason, inexpensive steel string child's guitars sound far worse than inexpensive classical guitars.

Acoustic Nylon String or Electric Guitar?

If your child asks for a kids electric guitar, take that as a positive.

Nowadays, there are more half and three quarter size electric guitars available than when you were your child's age.

Which is a good thing.

The same caveats apply for kids electric guitar as for acoustics.

They must have a half or three quarter size (No full size guitar! Yuck!).

You can buy half size electric guitars from the same sources as above.


how to register your child for a free Be My Guest Guitar Lesson

Does your electric guitar child have to have an amplifier?

Amplifiers typically come with beginner guitar packages. 

What makes an electric guitar an electric guitar is the amplifier.

So it is important.

Don't worry.  These amplifiers are not loud.

There are also pocket amplifiers available.

The main amplifier manufacturers put out their own versions.  Their only limitation is that they don't have a line out.

This means they cannot plug into other speakers or ampifiers.

That is a limitation.

The Guitar Teacher uses the Smoky pocket amp

They are brilliant 1 Watt pocket amplifiers.  They sound really rocky at a low transistor radio volume.

That disturbs nobody.

The Smoky can plug into a speaker which makes the guitar loud enough to play with others.


If you're feeling overwhelmed the Guitar Teacher is happy to help stack the odds in your favour.

Simply book a complimentary Be My Guest Lesson with the Guitar Teacher and let your child try out different half size electric guitars, pocket amplifiers and small amplifiers in a relaxed environment.

Then you can enter the market better informed.

And buy the right child's guitar for your guitar kid.


the right guitar is the right guitar