Learn To Hear Royals Melody Bar by Bar

The Royals melody is 66 bars long.  It is a dibidibi or sixteenth or 16th note melodic rhythm.

What makes the melody easier to learn is the ability to isolate one bar at a time.

That is what the next group of six video playlists does.  It presents one bar at a time for you.

Enjoy them all.

Royals Melody Bars 00-11

Royals Melody Bars 12-22

Royals Melody Bars 23-34

Royals Melody Bars 35-46

Royals Melody Bars 47-58

Royals Melody Bars 59-66



 To chunk down bar one of Royals click through here


The Royals Chunk Book takes you through the melody bar by bar.  You learn to play the melody on guitar.

look inside the Royals chunk book