How To Play Stomach Tied In Knots In Open Tuning


This video takes you through all 90 bars of Stomach Tied in Knots by Sleeping With Sirens.

This lesson plays the song on acoustic guitar using dropped D tuning of DADGBE.

This video also slows the tempo down for ease of learning and playing along with.

Here are the chords for this song.




There are 90 bars in this song. And at half speed the song takes 6 mins 46 secs to play through.

When you are learning the song that's a lot to learn.

That's why we break the song down into four bar chunks. Small chunks equals faster learning and better memorising.

This video here walks you through the first four bars.




 This video is the first of a series of 41 small chuned videos.  The URL for each video is listed below.  Copy any webpage address into your browser to access them.


You can access this Song Chunker Manual. Easily.

Stomach Tied In Knots Song Chunker Manual

This video shows you how.