About Taura Eruera Guitar Teacher

by Taura Eruera

The Guitar Teacher

The Guitar Teacher has a teaching background at university, tertiary and secondary level.

The Guitar Teacher was the first New Zealander to graduate from the Guitar Institute of Technology, Hollywood in September 1982.

The Guitar Teacher founded the School of Creative Musicianship in 1983 which he ran until 1989 clocking up over 2,220 class teaching hours. During this time he performed, produced, arranged and composed film music, and wrote several books.

In 1990 the Guitar Teacher conceived and founded MaiFM 88.6 which went to air in 1992. It is now the no 1 Music Station in Auckland.

After founding a health organisation in 1996 he returned in 1999 to focus on music education and publications.

Since June 1999 the Guitar Teacher has focused on producing Melodic Compositional Software and Music Publishing through Inner Scales.

Now he brings all these experiences to offer guitar students of Auckland unique benefits that cannot be provided by any other teacher or Music School in Auckland.

As a suzuki parent he has also learnt suzuki cello and violin and brings this experiences to benefit students as young as 6 years old and as old as 73 years.

Taura holds a Bachelors degree and a secondary school teaching diploma.

Like any good teacher, Taura never stops learning.  From his own teachers. And his students.