Group Guitar Lessons

by Taura Eruera


From time to time, I offer group guitar lessons.

In the distant past, I used to run a music school.

Now that there are government funded music schools like MAINZ, and universities offer jazz and popular music courses, there is no need for that service.

In the recent past, I offered night classes at Western Springs,  the local secondary school.

I currently do not offer those.

If I were set up accordingly, I would love to offer group lessons and classes.

Benefits of group lessons

Group lessons offer private students the opportunity to meet, socialise and play with other guitar players.

Studying with a teacher is great but playing with other players is better.  You not only learn from them. But they also learn from you.

This is one of the great strengths of the Suzuki music method.

Suzuki teachers and suzuki curriculum are great.  But what makes these two things even better is the existence of a strong community of parents.

Their support make the monthly play outs, the house concerts, the end of term concerts, the annual concerts, the school holiday workshops and the summer camps all tick along.

Their group support makes the private lesson more valuable.

And makes learning and playing music easier for the child.

As a private teacher, I cannot offer any of those wonderful group and community services.

As an ex-Music School director, I'd love to be able to offer workshops from time to time.

So that private students, whose different programmes all include common elements, can get together and cover the necessary basics together.

Limitations of group lessons

Limitations of group lessons tend to show up at the beginning rather than advanced stages of guitar learning.

At the beginning, everybody needs more help and direction.

Getting a group of disparate people to focus on the same task at the same time at the same speed for the same time for the same reason for the same result is a major feat.

It's a major feat for the student to concentrate and hand over total control to a third party.

It's a major feat for the student not to compare themselves to others and get distracted by feelings of inadequacy.

It is for that reason that students will seek private help and look for a private teacher.

The great guitar lesson

The great guitar lesson is when you can have a group lesson and a private lesson.