Online Guitar Teachers

by Taura Eruera

Over the last decade a procession of online guitar teachers has emerged. 

Probably the guitar teachers that I rank the highest are:

  1. Jamie Andreas
  2. Unknown
  3. Unknown
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  10. Unknown

Jamie Andreas

Why Jamie Andreas?

Jamie reminds me of my greatest guitar teacher, Howard Roberts.

How so?

When I attended Howard's Guitar Institute,  I was exposed to some great classes, tutors and teaching.

And players. Especially "student" players.

As is normal when you get a few hundred guys together, exaggeration is anormal part of speech.

Guys were claiming years and years of playing experience.

But after a class called "Guitarmanship" the same guys were saying:

"Wow! I thought I could play."

"Wow! I'm only just learning to play.  Now.  After all these years!"

"I can't believe it.  I had no idea I couln't play clean!"

And there were more comments like that.

For myself, I regarded Guitarmanship as the single most important class I took at the Guitar school.

All the other classes taught what styles to play.

Guitarmanship was entirely about how to play, at the most basic neuro-muscular and physiological levels.

Guitarmanship and Guitar Principles

What is Guitarmanship?

Guitarmanship is, IMHO, Howards version of Jamies Guitar Principles, as published in the book of the same name.

(Which I own and thoroughly recommend)  

Howard had an LA session musican, jazz guitarist, background.

Jamie has a classical guitar background.

Very different backgrounds.

But they come up with startlingly similar insights and observations.

Howards writing is very sparse (and that's if you can find any).

Jamies is very detailed and fluent (maybe even verbose). She is published all over the net.

Her written output is mountainous.  And would fill any number of books if she had the time to remember what she has written over many years.

For the bio-mechanics and physiology of playing guitar, there is no better authority and teacher, in my opinion, than Jamie Andreas.

For her unsurpassed work, The Principles of Correct Guitar Practise (both book and video) she deserves a place in the Guitar Teachers Hall of Fame.

I have no doubt that there would be no shortage of seconders for that nomination.



Jamie stands above all others for pedagogy advances.

The others in positions 2 to 10 are in a crowded field of scores of teachers polishing existing knowledge rather than  discovering new knowledge.

If this were a guitar lesson marketing top 10 all positions would have names in them.