Sweep Pick and Alternately Strum 2 Strings

by Taura Eruera

Playing two string melodies and two string chords is very powerful.

Two string playing is at the heart of many guitar styles.

And it's a skill that can make you sound so good that your friends look twice!

(Dude! Was that you just now! Do it again)

Here's your two string power warm up

You are gong to learn two things: picking content and picking process.

The picking content is described in the video.

Picking Content

  1. Sweep pick two strings, playing one at a time at MM60. Hold each note for two beats.
  2. Alternately strum each pair of strings. Hold each note pair for two beats.

Picking Focal Points

As you sweep pick or alternately strum, feed your brain the correct process.

With each action choose two focal points from the list below and play with that focus.

  1. hold the pick firm with the power pick grip
  2. hold the pick firm like the needle in the record arm
  3. play with the pick perpendicular to the face of the guitar through each full stroke
  4. play with the front edge of the pick on the downstroke
  5. rest your pick on the rest string after the downstroke
  6. play with the back edge of the pick on the upstroke
  7. rest your pick on the rest string after the upstroke
  8. Play in the strings through the complete stroke

Learning Process

First, your brain encodes the desired information clearly and specifically.

Second, the brain clearly passes the crystal clear instruction onto your motor system.

Third, your muscles then programs themselves with instructions from the brain. 

Fourth, when they have proved the instructions are correct they put each instruction on autopilot.

Just like they do when they brush teeth for you.  Or tie showlaces.

Fifth, the muscles repeat the actions until the alternate picking habit is established perfectly in your body and nervous system.

Now you are an alternate picking expert at MM60

That is worth celebrating.