Picking Benefits And Tips

by Taura Eruera

One brilliant benefit of your slow picking warm ups is that you are developing your sweep picking.

When you pick more than one string in the same direction with the same stroke, dude! you are sweep picking.

Another brilliant benefit.

When you are alternate picking you are developing your alternate strumming.

When you develop your alternate strumming you are developing your alternate picking.

This gets better all the time!

HOT TIP: Train your picking hand in isolation

You will learn to train your picking hand in isolation.

Isolate your picking hand.

Remove your fretting hand from your brain.

And focus just on programming your picking hand.

Key skill: Train each hand separately

Instruct your picking hand.

Instruct your fretting hand.

Instruct both hands together.

Get a new problem.

Repeat the frist three steps.

With every new problem.