Power Picking Routine

by Taura Eruera

When you practise this Power Picking Routine for a minimum of 5 minutes a day for 21 uninterrupted days, you will notice picking and strumming precision you could not imagine.

Before you started.

Having a picking and strumming hand, that you have no control over, is no joke.

Without your power picking skill you keep hitting the strings you don't want.

And you keep missing the ones you do.

You spend all your time apologizing for your mistakes.

And no time celebrating your clean takes.

I have never seen power picking routine fail

I have never seen the power picking routine:

  • fail anybody who turned it into a powerful habit
  • make anyones wimpy picking styles wimpier
  • not noticeably improve anyones picking skill
  • not clean up anyones sloppy picking and strumming technique
  • harm any guitar player

But don't take my word for it

Just try it out yourself.

You can memorise the regime demonstrated in the video, set your metronome to MM60,  and play through it all continuously.

Or you could download and follow this step by step guitar lab