The Mighty Dobodobo Quarter Note Rhythm

by Taura Eruera


At the heart of commercial music as we know it is the mighty dobodobo rhythm.

Introduction to Dobodobo video

Why is dobodobo the mighty rhythm?

Dobodobo is the

  • musical way to count 1-2-3-4.
  • simple way to say 4/4.  Which is the the simple meter that Western music favors.
  • simple way to say and read a measure (or bar) of four quarter notes or four crotchets.
  • basic rhythm at the heart of all the other rhythms that you hear, see and want to play.

Did I say all the other rhythms?

I said, all the other rhythms.

All other rhythms come back to dobodobo.

What is the most basic music rhythm?

What is the most basic drum rhythm?


What is the most basic bass rhythm?


What is the most basic vocal rhythm?


What is the most basic guitar rhythm?


What is the most basic song rhythm?


And the list goes on.

Ever tried to write without an alphabet?

That's like trying to learn music without learning dobodobo. 

What is Dobodobo?

Dobodobo has two meanings: a specific meaning and a general meaning.

Dobodobo specifically is the four quarter note rhythm.

Dobodobo generally is the vocabulary of 16 plus rhythms that derive from the specific dobobodobo rhythm.

As you learn them you will know their two meanings like the back of your hand.

How do you learn dobodobo?

Here's the lightly dusted version.

  1. Watch this video. Several times. Download it if that makes repeat watching easier.
  2. Download the Dobodobo rhythms pdf and keep it on your computer screen or print it off for handy reference.
  3. Talk along with the video.


Download the Dobodobo Flash Video here



Dobodobo Rhythm Vocabulary


Download the pdf version of the Dobodobo Rhythm Vocabulary here.

The instructions before the video will get you started.

If you want only a lightly dusted introduction to the dobodobo's then you should proceed to the dabadaba's.

If you want a rock solid foundation for all the other rhythms, keep reading.

How do you learn dobodobo step-by-step?

Here's your four part, how to learn dobodobo's, strategy.

Guitar book

Download this free How To Learn Dobodobo Report


You have learnt to say and play the Dobodobo's at a mistake free tempo.

You can now read all the dobodobo songs on the market.

And all the doodobo parts of all songs in the world.

Did you have that ability at the start of this page?

What's next with Dobodobo's?

Now that you know your dobodobo's you need to  strengthen your dobodobo conversational ability and your dobodobo reading ability.

You might think there's a lot of easy dobodobo readers out there right?

Well there is one.

And this system consists of a dobodobo workbook and 16 DVD tracks.



Dobodobo workbook Guitar books
The workbook consists of three sections.

In section one you learn to talk dobodobo's in all different combinations.

No dobodobo rhythm combination will phase you after that.

In section two, you turn the tables.

You turn dobodobo words into music notes.

Yeah! That's right! Guitarist you writes music.

Like this.
 Rhythm handscription

You'll be puffing out your chest when you look back on thirty pages of music that you wrote.

With your own hand.

With surprising ease.

Talk about chuffed!

In section three its just you and the music: no words. No dobodobo's.  Just you. 
And of course your unshakeable ability to read this stuff like a newspaper.

We help you read the book too!

Each of these 16 Video ebooks walks you through every page of the book.

The guitar teacher is there talking every rhythm with you.

And explaining every concept.

Don't worry!  You won't be sitting for hours in front of your computer

No video exceeds six minutes.

So you can get through three a day. And finish them all in five days.


16 Dobodobo Rhythm Videos

The key with any language is to talk the language


Dobodobo CDS Guitar CD


Which is why mp3 audio tracks are also included.

You can load these onto your mp3 player and talk the dobodobo's in between your favorite tracks.

Even better though!

You can load your dobodobo tracks into a transcriber like Amazing Slowdowner or a free music program like Audacity and speed the tracks up.

So that you're hearing, thinking, talking and reacting with dobodobo's quicker. And quicker.

Of course, you can load these into your mp3 player too for mobile dobodoboing.

Where do you get this Dobodobo System?

This USD $118 system is available to you for $27 USD.


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