Learn Dabadabadaba 6A 5A Rhythms

by Taura Eruera

 How to learn six attack and five attack dabadabadaba rhythms

   1. Watch this video. Several times. Download it if that makes repeat watching easier.
   2. Download the Dabadabadaba 6A 5A Rhythms pdf and keep it on your computer screen or print it off for handy reference.
   3. Talk along with the video. As many times as you require.


Download the Dabadabadaba 6A Rhythms Flash Video here


Dabadabadaba 6 Attacks 5 Attack Rhythms

Download the Dabadabadaba 6A 5A Rhythms pdf here 


Want more than a light introduction to 6A and 5A dabadabadaba rhythms?

A good reference are the Dabadabadaba in 3/4WorkBooks Volumes 1-3 and the Dabadabadaba in 3/4 DVD Volumes 1-3.

Dabadabadaba Volumes 1-3

dabadabadaba DVD Volumes 1-3

They are currently available only as part of the Rhythm Membership at melodywriters.com.