Your Rhythm Membership

by Taura Eruera

Your Rhythm Membership is available at

The memberships available at are the Free, Rhythm and Contour Memberships.

Your free membership qualifies you for your rhythm membership.

As the name says, the site is designed for melodywriters and songwriters.

As you would expect, an important part of melodywriting is learning about melody.

Why do melodywriters need to know about rhythm?

I'll let you answer that one.

What is melody?

Let's do the "elevator version".

Melody consists of sequenced melody units. 

Each unit has a pitch dimension and a rhythm dimension.

Melody Pitch

In the main, commercial songs range over eight notes but typically use between two and five notes in any melodic phrase.

That is, songs are restricted to a limited number of a limited number of pitches.

Melody Rhythm

By contrast, songs are unencumbered by an unlimited number of rhythms.

Rhythm is the biggest variable.

And the harder one to learn than scales and chords.

So, as you have been doing here in this rhythm section, melodywriters need the literacy and musicality that comes with knowing their:


Without their rhythm vocabs "their cab won't leave the rank".

Your Rhythm Membership

The main purpose of the Rhythm membership is to make rhythm resources available to melody writers.

Some of the resources they use are the


All together these five systems have a value of $309 USD.

They are all part of the Rhythm membership.

The Rhythm members pay nowhere near that for their membership.

When you open your Rhythm membership you might be amazed at the other Rhythm vocabularies that are included witin the membership.

You might also be amazed, if not overwhelmed by Rhythmic Thesauruses available there.

But amazing as amazing may be. Still ...

It's a pain

It's a pain that the dobodobos are not available as a separate item.

All Dobodobos

It's a pain that the dabadaba's are not available as a separate item.

All Dabadabas

It's a pain that the dibidibi's are not available as a separate item.

 All dibidibis

It's a pain that the dababa's are not available as a separate item. 

All dababas

It's a pain that you can not invest in one thing at a time.

It's a bit weird how you can't buy one thing on its own.

But you can buy several things. For the price of one.

Is that is a bit weird?

Hopefully that's not going to be the case for too much longer (he says wistfully!)

Only if you think that ...

Only if you think that the Dobodobo book and videos will help your rhythm really  cook, should you even start to think about your rhythm membership.

All Dobodobos

If you don't think that the Dabadaba book and videos will yank you out of rhythmic indecision, then you definitely should definitely avoid your rhythm membership.

All Dabadabas

And, of course, if figuring out guitar tabs you get online with dibidibi precision doesn't rattle your cage, definitely, avoid any contact whatsoever with your rhythm membership.

All dibidibis

And if successfully playing dabadabadaba sheet music you have collected over months, years and decades keeps eluding you, why spoil things with your rhythm membership?

All dababas


The chance to stock your Rhythm library with a $309 USD value.

At less than 16% of cost to you.

With some weird, rumpty, rhythm membership.

What do you think?