Before February 15, 2005 finding free guitar videos on line was not that easy.

But since started, the availability of guitar videos online exploded.

There are now more free guitar videos available than ever before.  Not just on youtube.

But also on all the other video websites that you can easily google today.,,, Google Video,,, and are afew examples where video is available.

Here are a selection of free guitar videos.



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1   Link   Childrens Free Guitar Video Lessons
Here are several videos of children playing guitar. Some are virtuoso child players. Others are beginners.
2   Link   Basic Guitar Free Video Lessons
Choose videos that deal with basic guitar styles and techniques. On all kinds of guitars.
3   Link   Nylon String Free Video Lessons
In my teaching practice, the nylon string guitar is the choice of beginner guitar players. For many good reasons.
4   Link   Guitar Technique Free Video Lesson
Here are several guitar technique videos you can view. Slurs, slides, bends, vibratos. You name it. You'll find it.
5   Link   Hitch Hiker Thumb
Learn the correct thumb position in all circumstances - with the hitchiker thumb.
6   Link   Two Main Roles Of The Guitar Thumb
Learn the two main functions your guitar thumb has to carry out.
7   Link   The fretting hand is like a vice
How to balance your inherently unbalanced hand - off the guitar.
8   Link   Educating your thumb
Educating your thumb to support rather than dominate your hand
9   Link   Thumb rotations
Learn to relax your thumb with thumb rotations - off your guitar
10   Link   Horizontal thumb movement rear view
Learn horizontal thumb slides up and down the back of the guitar neck. Back view
11   Link   Horizontal thumb slides front view
Learn horizontal thumb slides up and down the back of the guitar neck. Front view