Easy Guitar Lessons With Easy Guitar Tunings

by Taura Eruera


Easy Guitar Lessons should not be confused with beginner guitar lessons

While beginner guitar lessons dominate this website that does not mean that they are easy guitar lessons.

Beginner Guitar Chords Are Not Easy Guitar Chords

Yes.  The chords presented in the Chords section are the most important major chords and minor chords and the ones the typical guitar lessons beginner is offered.  They are presented as beginner chords but the reality is that these are also advanced chords.

Beginner Chords Are Advanced Chords Too


Why?  Because advanced guitar players and advanced guitar music use these exact chords too.  Beginner guitar chords indeed. Overlooking this single fact blinds many guitar teachers into thinking that guitar chords are easy for beginners.

Learning chord shapes, let alone guitar chord theory, takes the new mind a lot of energy.

And the F barre chord and the B barre chord are extremely demanding and challenging barre chords.

Many Guitar Beginners Quit

If you find training your body to remember chords is hard, guess what?  you are neither wrong nor alone.  So called easy guitar chords are not easy guitar lessons for any beginner.  Ask any repeat guitar lessons beginner? Or the people overwhelmed by guitar mechanics that they simply gave up.

For them beginning guitar is just too hard.  And if you think that this was only the case before guitar lessons on line became available think again.  When online beginner guitar lessons teach the same thing we will continue to have the same casualties, defeated by beginning guitar lessons.

Why are Beginner Guitar Lessons So Hard?

So what is it that makes these lead guitar lessons, rock guitar lessons and any number of internet guitar lessons so hard for beginners?

It's simply this.

The Standard Guitar Tuning Is The Problem for Beginners

Let avoid being overly technical here but we should know that the standard tuning for a guitar is E A D G B E.  Remembered by mnemonics like: Elephants and Dogs Grow Big Ears or; Eddie Ate Dynamite. Good Bye Eddie.

We can call this Standard Tuning or Elephants and Dogs tuning

Standard tuning has been developed over the centuries and determined by musicians over that time as the tuning that presents the most musical possibilities within the limits of four fretting guitar fingers and a thumb.

Which is another way of saying if you're a beginner can use one fretting finger or two fretting fingers, bad luck!

What's the Real Reason Beginner Guitar Lessons So Hard?

The real reason beginner guitar lessons are not the easy guitar lessons they should be is that guitar teachers (and guitar shop sales people) are ignorant about alternate tunings that actually make it easier for the beginner guitar player.

What Makes Easy Guitar Lessons for Beginners?

The answer is two words: alternate tunings.  Alternate tunings that make it easy for the beginner to play one finger chords in seconds.  And a three chord song with one finger in minutes.

DADDAD Guitar Tuning

I have had a lot of success with DADDAD tuning.  This tuning enables the learner to play a one finger bar chord on nylon strings within minutes. And three and more three chord guitar songs in their first guitar lesson.

A night class I once took struggled with Hotel California over seven weeks without success. With DADDAD tuning they learned and played the song in 16 minutes.  That was a bigger eye opener for the amazed teacher than the gob smaked students.

Another big benefit with this tuning is that the beginner can play one chord shape for both minor chords and major chords.

Open D Guitar Tuning

Open D Tuning offers the beginner another single finger solution.  The advantage of this over DADDAD is that the major chords sound more definitive.  The disadvantage is that you cannot finger minor chords as easily on on DADDAD or DADFAD tuning. But the advantage of sounding cool with one finger within one guitar lessons outweighs the downsides.

DADFAD Guitar Tuning

With DADFAD tuning a barre chord fingers a minor chord.  With the addition of one other finger you can play major chords. This tuning gives you more chordal colors and definition than DADFAD.  At the cost of another finger of effort.

Open Tunings Are Easier Than They Sound

To a beginner this may sound hard for your brain.  Your live guitar lesson with the guitar teacher would resolve that.  You'll see that when the oipen tuned guitar is in your hand suddenly you are playing guitar. If a live lesson is not possible, then there is another solution.

The Short Cut Capo

The short cut capo gives you the benefit of standard tuning and open tuning at the same time.  It's an ingenius little solution created by a hobbyist guitar player for people like him.  Somebody who wanted to be able to play cool guitar without tying his fingers up in knots and having to spend a long time not only learning chords, but changing chords too.

The Easy Guitar lessons Promise

Along with the open tunings, you, the beginner guitar player can truly enjoy easy guitar lessons.  You will learn more with articles in this section.