Guitar Kids Lessons

by Taura Eruera


A guitar lesson for your child is extremely important.

As a child I knew how important guitar and music was in my life and how much enjoyment these activities gave me.

As a parent I enjoyed supporting my daughters to learn suzuki cello and violin.

As a suzuki parent I learnt a lot off the Suzuki teachers. The ones I encountered were highly skilled teachers.

Stacy Schuck and Simon Griffiths, Suzuki Violin teachers extraordinaire,  are those inspiring childrens music teachers.

In the area of making music for young children fun and discovery for children, they are unsurpassed in my experience.

They had a wonderful way of looking at child's music from the child's view.

I cannot speak highly enough of Stacy and Simon.

They would be extremely surprised to find that suzuki violin teachers inspire guitar kids too!


A most memorable child guitar lesson

The most memorable lesson I ever gave was a guitar lesson with a 4 year old boy.

This boy just wanted to strum his guitar hard until his shoulder and arm muscles locked up.

I could not get him to play gently using conventional guitar teaching means.

So somehow we sequed into a guitar game.

We turned the guitar into an orchard.

We turned each guitar string into a different fruit tree.

We climbed each tree and gathered fruit from the very tip of branches that we had to carefully reach to.

We had fun picnics in the different fruit trees.

We discovered bird nests and stroked the little birds and fed them.

We let butterflies rest on our noses and we gently touched them.

When we finally got down off the trees after an hour, and I put the guitar in his hand he played wonderfully gentle notes with sensitive, relaxed arms and fingers.

I was gobsmacked!


He played sensitively.




It was in that momentI decided---after twenty plus years of professionally teaching guitar---that I was now ready to learn to teach children's guitar.

Strengthen the children and music bond.

And help you grow your own guitar kids.

Current child students

I currently teach children aged 6, 8, 9, 11, 12 and 13.

Some are in their first year.

Some are in their second.

One is in his third.

Some sang nursery rhymes as toddlers. Others did not.

Some are musically advantaged. Others aren't.

But they are all intensely interested in their guitar songs. And how they play them.

Like keen guitar kids.

Interaction with Children

I make a point of physically being at their level and maintaining a close and reassuring contact throughout each learning stage.

I make a point of keeping kind contact in every moment, offering feedback and checking their understanding.

There are many different things going on as a child tries to master their guitar lesson stuff.

(Parents who try the moves challenging their children are often amazed at how much their child is trying to achieve simultaneously)

Often I help them by holding certain parts of their arm of body to help them isolate the required muscles. For example, I may hold their wrist so that their picking thumb or finger may play a string.

I then teach this guidance to the parent so that they have a way they can help their child practice at home.

Focusing on the positive is an important part of building a child's confidence.

It is a powerful way for the guitar teacher to look at things from the guitar kid's view.

Learning more

To learn more about guitar lessons for your guitar child you can consult the guitar teacher here.

Kids Guitar Lessons With The Kids Guitar Teacher in Grey Lynn

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