Guitar Songs Are All Your Fans Want

by Taura Eruera



"Play something we can all sing".  How many times have you heard that when you pull out your guitar among friends and family. Of course what they're screaming for is a guitar song.

Are they interested in how you learn guitar ?

Are they not interested in your chords and scales?

Good god no!

They see you just as a live juke box there for their own entertainment.

They are not interested in what you have to learn and practise.

Training your brain to talk to your fingers?  They don't care anout important guitar learning stuff like that.

Walking in and out of chords does not interest them.

Nor the hours you spend learning and developing your picking and strumming.  Or the hours you patiently spend building up your finger independence and your support fingering.

Nor the hours you spend memorising guitar note names, tab note names and fingerings.

Nor the hours you spend learning chord shapes, chord spellings, chord voicings and the names of the chord notes.

Nor the effort you spend learning to talk, write and read rhythm.

Your fans, friend and family don't scare about any of that.

They just want you to play their favorite guitar songs

And when you're ready you can start delivering just that.

We'll start posting songs in this section for you.

If you want to request one, just leave a comment here below.

Or join this site through the Friend Connect Box then let me know.

Play Guitar Songs when you are ready

If you're a total beginner and not yet ready to play songs, don't let your frinds and family pressure you into playing stuff you're not ready for.

Just tell them when you are ready, you'll tell them and if they are still interested then, you'll be happy to blow them away.