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by Taura Eruera 



 Would you like free lessons with the premier Auckland Guitar Teacher?


A primary aim of this website is to provide you with essential guitar learning information.

That you can teach yourself.

Without the expense of professional guitar tuition.

Without the cost of a uniquely qualified guitar teacher.

First Time Beginner Guitar Learners

What beginner guitar player doesn't want to learn chords?

You can learn the First Guitar Chords for guitar.

There are fifteen chords there. No body can learn these overnight.

Just follow the step by step lessons that you can download.

Keep your wallet in your pocket. And enjoy.

Second Time Beginner Guitarists

You tend to know how to finger basic chords.

But you can't rock them or swing them in time. 

You keep dropping your pick frequently. Your strumming sounds fuzzy and random.

But when you download--and walk through--each Pick and Strum lesson, you change all that.


Did I mention that these life changers are free?

Now that you can pick and strum it's time for you to ..

Learn Rhythm

And become a cool, hot, authentic, convincing guitar player.

Simply because you taught yourself how to talk and play rhythm like you can't get anywhere else.

Let alone download and walk through, step by powerful step.

Are they free you ask?


(But only for you, OK?)

About scales

It's not uncommon for guitar players to wake up one day and suddenly they want to know all about scales.

So they go online and find ..

Every guitar website will diagram out the scales for you and then ..

leave you to figure out how to learn them for yourself.

Not us.

We give you step-by-step, how-to instructions.

That's surprisingly different. (Amazing, huh!)

When you faithfully do these scales lessons you will know how to play them.

In your sleep.



Now You're  Awesome

Then, when you combine these skills with your rhythm and pick and strum lessons, next time you look in the mirror you'll see an awesome guitarist.

Who can learn songs like a session guitar player.

Or like that guy you once saw at a party who could play any song. After hearing it only once.

Music Principles

Chords, rhythms, pick and strum patterns and scales are all common, universal principles of music that belong to humanity.

I can teach them to you online because they belong to you as much as they belong to anybody else.


Music Properties

But SONGS are not universal property .

They are copyright properties and YOU have to PAY to use THEM.

And that's why I can't offer them here. 

However, when you book one-on-one, private lessons, we can work on any song you like.

Are You Time Rich or Time Poor?

Isn't all this online stuff great for time rich adults who have time for countless lessons and never ending practise?

But what about time poor mothers (at home with the kids) and fathers (in high pressure jobs) who can only practise once a week?

Welcome to Open Guitar

Especially for time-poor, Absolute Beginners.

Who need to cut to the chase. Everytime.

With only one chord shape and one rhythm you can play three songs in your first lesson.

And every lesson thereafter.

Talk about unfair advantage over First and Second Beginners ...

Your Primary School Child

Do you want your child to enjoy playing guitar for their sheer pleasure?

Do you want to use someone who loves learning with children---your child---at their age and level?

Do you want your child to be able to say: "I like guitar, Actually, I love guitar!"

Do you want the First Songs For Guitar Kids to build their rich musical future?

If the last thing you want is for your child to sit at a computer all day you should talk to the guitar teacher.

Your Intermediate Tween

Does your tween now want to take the guitar plunge?

Do you want your growing child to love music so much that they can never miss their guitar lesson?

The guitar teacher is a parent too and he strives diligently for your happiness too.


Your High School Teen

Does your teenager now want to play guitar like they listen to on their ipod?

Do they want to start from scratch but feel cool?

Do you want your teenager to build on guitar lessons they have already had?

Does your young adult need coaching for a level 1, 2 or 3 NCEA music?

Do you want your young guitar player to learn to be a literate musician?

The guitar teacher is highly but not over qualified to help your high schooler make the most of the musical awakenings that are experienced most vividly in ones youth.



You a Serious Guitar Student Studying Overseas?

Are you are intending to study at the Guitar Institute of Technology, Hollywood?

Or the Berklee School of Music?

Getting the harmony, pick and strum, rhythm and scales lessons down is your first priority.

These fundamental lessons are free.

As well, advanced private guitar study will let you handle the basics of sightreading, technique, melody, rhythmn and harmony,

Getting these basics down here will free you to take advantage of the amazing benefits that Hollywood and Berkelee offers (that Auckland can't).

These New Zealand dollars guitar lessons will make your US guitar school dollars go way, way further.

You a Serious New Zealand Guitar Student?

Are you are intending to attend a New Zealand University Music Programme?

Or a New Zealand Certificate or Diploma programme? Like at MAINZ and other schools?

Getting the harmony, pick and strum, rhythm and scales lessons down is your first priority.

You don't need a student loan for these free lessons.

Private guitar and music lessons will leapfrog you ahead of the class and win you more recording and performing opportunities (which is always more fun than a classroom, right?)


Our Free Lessons Are Not for Everybody

Our free lessons enable you to teach yourself as much as you can for as long as you can. Before you need a paid guitar lesson.

For many people, these lessons will teach all they need for their purposes.

That's entirely cool.

And our reward is your transformation of your confusion into direction, your doubt into faith, your diffidence into confidence and your uncertainty into certainty.

Through the proven step-by-steps that we passed on to you.

That you actioned. Patiently. Persistently.

With your focused attention and energy.

These are the very same steps that successful guitar players take, day in, day out.

Like many essential skills, these are not hard. They're just neglected by the majority of any population.

If you don't want want free online lessons that give you step by step direction,  just google free guitar lessons and go for it.

Want more Video Guitar Lessons? Find more at my Guitar Lessons In Auckland With Taura Guitar Teacher You Tube channel.


Your Be My Guest Lesson

If you have done the free lessons and you want live help, the Guitar Teacher is glad to help.

And the first thing you get after your free online lessons is a free, live, one-on-one guitar lesson.

This is called your Be My Guest Lesson.

You are prohibited from paying for any personal guitar lessons without first doing your complimentary, My Guest Lesson.

In the meantime ...



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