Picking And Strumming Techniques

Your Most Important Hand is  Your Picking And Strumming Hand

by Taura Eruera


Picking And Strumming

What's the difference between picking and strumming?

To the body, upper and lower arm, hand, thumb and fingers, picking and strumming is the same action.

The only difference is in the number of strings that are being picked.

When a single string or two strings are being picked, that's called picking.

When three or more strings are being picked similtaneously, that's called strumming.

A beginner guitar player does both: picking and strumming.

So you can learn about picking one string.

Then you can learn about picking two strings together.

Then you will learn how to strum three strings, up and down.

Then you will learn how to strum four strings, up and down. 

Then you will learn how to strum five strings, up and down. 

Then you will learn how to strum six strings, up and down. 

Amazing things start happening when your muscles have actually been told clearly what to do.

Picking one string, all strings, two strings, four strings becomes no big deal.

Alternating between picking and strumming at will becomes normal

The picking and strumming labs I provide for you in this section give you the means to sound confident, authoritative and convincing when you play.

Ignoring these skills consigns you to the basement of wimpy, sloppy and flaky rhythm guitar playing.

The step by step guitar labs for picking and strumming don't require you to think.  Only to do.

These are not descriptions of the specific picking techniques. Generally this how-to-detail is provided to you in either a group class or a one-on-one lesson.

What the guitar labs provide you with are time-framed, step by step programmes, that allow you to master each technique.